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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Little League?

Little League Baseball, Inc. was founded in 1939 and is the world’s largest youth sports program with more than 2.8 million children and one million volunteers in more than 100 countries.


Where does Jewel City Little League play its games?

Brand Park 1 and 2 are our home fields. Other fields that are utilized include: Babe Herman Park (Major and Minor Baseball), Scholl Canyon Park (Baseball and Softball), and Pelanconi Park (Baseball and Softball) Some Baseball games may also be played at the Tujunga Little League Complex (Tujunga), Pacific Park, and Brace Canyon Park (Burbank).


What division is my child in?

For the most current Little League age chart, please check Little website

Our divisions are broken down as follows:
T-Ball: Age 5-6, Coach Pitch: Age 7–8, Minors: Age 8–10, Majors: 10–12, Juniors 12-14


My child has never played; can he/she still sign up?

Absolutely! Depending on their age, special consideration may need to be taken to place your child in the proper division. For 9-12 yr olds, attending the skills evaluation will be important to assess your child’s throwing, catching, hitting, and running skills.


Is my child guaranteed a place on a team?

Yes, if he or she is registered, your child will be placed on a team. There is no guarantee if player is placed on a wait list.


Is there a difference between Skills Evaluation Sessions and Tryouts?

We avoid the use of the term “Tryouts” because it implies that players may be cut or non-selected. Skills Evaluation Sessions are used to determine a player’s skill level for throwing, catching, hitting and running.


Skills Evaluation Sessions are scheduled for mid- December and early January. Please check the website for updates. Players will be asked to report at different times based on their age. You’ll be notified of your child’s time via email.  If for any reason your child will have difficulty attending skills evaluation, please let us know as soon as possible.

The boundaries for Jewel City JWV Little League tournament teams are at the following link.

Jewel City's Boundaries on a Google map

You can participate in our league whether or not you live within these boundaries. Player eligibility for LL tournament teams is determined using several different criteria. We can let you know whether or not your son or daughter will be eligible to participate.

What’s the difference between Majors and Minor divisions?

The Majors division offers a higher, more competitive level of play than the Minor division. Majors’ players must be league age 10-12 and attend a skills evaluation session. A draft is conducted to fill the available slots on our Majors teams. Players who are not selected to play in the Majors division will be placed in the Minor draft.


Players on Majors teams will remain with that team during the remainder of their Little League eligibility through age 12. For example, if a player of league age 10 is drafted onto a Majors team, the player will remain part of that team for three years.


There are playing differences between Majors and Minors. Majors offer an opportunity to play at a higher level of competition, often against and with the best players in our community.


The participation rules are slightly different for Majors than for Minors. In Minors, players are guaranteed six defensive outs and will be part of a continuous batting order meaning the player will always be part of the batting order, whether or not the player is in a defensive position on the field during the game.


Majors players are guaranteed six defensive outs and one at bat. Teams are composed of 12/13 players, but only nine play and bat at any given time. It is possible that the more advanced players will get more playing time and at bats.


If you have any other questions about the differences between Majors and Minors, please contact the Player Agent or Coaching Coordinators.   


Can I request that my son or daughter not be considered for Majors?

Yes, but you must do so prior to the drafts by notifying the Player Agent, or Coaching Coodinators .


My child played in Jewel City JWV last year, but I now live outside its LL boundaries. Can he or she still play in Jewel City JWV League?

Yes, you may continue to play with our league.


I live outside Jewel City JWV Little League boundaries, but I want my child to play in the league. Is there any way I can do this?

If you live outside Jewel City JWV’s LL boundaries, your child may still play in our league. Eligibility for tournament teams will be determined using various criteria.


What do player registration fees pay for?

Registration fees cover all of Jewel City JWV’s operational costs including national charter fees, district fees, insurance, equipment, uniforms, umpires, field time, and all other expenses.


Players in spring league receive a basic photo package, and a trophy or pin. 


Are there any other fees?

Tournament teams have a separate participation fee.


Can I register on-line?

Yes, you may register online at:


Can I get a refund of my Registration Fees?

Registration fees are non-refundable once the participant is assigned or drafted on to a team.  


When is Picture Day?

Information regarding Picture Day will be posted on our website as soon as the date is set.


When does the season start?

The season typically starts in January when teams are assembled. The first league games will be scheduled the first or second Saturday of March. Teams will begin practicing soon after being assembled.


Division playoffs culminate our season in late May or early June with winning teams moving on to the District 16 Tournament of Champions.


All-Star Teams for upper divisions will be chosen from our eligible players and can continue practice through June with games scheduled typically after July Fourth.


I have two participants only a year apart. Will they be on the same team?

Siblings who play in the same division will automatically be placed on the same team in all divisions.


Can I request that my child play on a certain manager’s team or on a team with his or her friends?

You can request a manager or placement with friends, but we cannot guarantee your request will be honored. These requests are made during the online registration process.


When will I find out what team my child is on?

Drafts are typically held the week after skills evaluations in early January for the spring season. Your team manager will notify you once teams are assembled.


What time commitment does league participation entail? How many practices and games per week are there?

During February, all teams will practice at least once a week or more, and may be once midweek (Monday through Friday) and possibly on the weekend, usually Saturday. Additional practices may be scheduled.


The regular season goes from early March to the beginning of June. District 16 and/or All-Star tournaments may continue to the end of June and into July.


How can I be sure that my child will practice at a time and place that is convenient for us?

Managers select their preseason practice times from a pool of available spots. Because of limited availability of fields there may be late practices (that start 6:30 p.m. or later).


What if I can’t make it to practice or games? Can I drop off my child?

There will be an occasion where you are unable to make it to practice or a game. Please assure you let the manager know so that your team isn’t caught short in a game situation.  A parent/guardian should be with your child during practices and at games.


What about games?

Games may vary by day, time of day, and fields depending on several scheduling factors. We try to limit the number of weekday late games (that start at 7:15 p.m. or later) for each team but sometimes these can’t be avoided.

Can a game be voluntarily rescheduled?

It is not common practice to voluntarily reschedule games. Games that are postponed due to rain, wet field conditions, light failure or any other reason will be rescheduled at the earliest possible date(s).

What equipment does my child need to play?

A baseball or softball glove, batting helmet, and rubber molded cleats designed for baseball. Use of soccer cleats is not allowed.

Bats are provided to each team by the league. Parents/guardians may purchase their own bats.


We will not deny any child the opportunity to play in our league based on need. If parents or guardians need assistance with fees or equipment, please reach out to us via the Registrar, Player Agent, or Coaching Coordinators.


How much will my child get to play?

We have mandatory playing rules for all divisions as follows:

Tee Ball: Everyone bats and all players must play at least two innings in the field (10 players are on the field for Tee Ball). There is a five-run limit per inning.


Coach Pitch: Everyone bats and everyone plays, regardless of how many players are on the roster (we try to limit teams to 12 or 13 players each). There is a five-run limit per inning.


Minors: Everyone bats and all players must play at least two innings in the field (9 players are on the field for Minor Baseball, 10 for Minor Softball). Games last six innings or 1 hour, 45 minutes (1 hour, 40 minutes for Softball), whichever comes first. There is a five-run limit per inning.


Majors: Players must bat once and play six defensive outs in the field (consecutively, if a substitute). Nine players are on the field and on the batting order at a time. Games last six innings or two hours (1 hour, 50 minutes for Softball), whichever comes first.


Who do I contact with questions regarding my child’s team, manager, coaches or practice times?

All questions should be directed first to the head coach. Communication is important and if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s team or your child’s place on the team, you should talk with the manager. The next step is to contact Coaching Coordinators or the Player Agent.  


What kind of volunteer positions are available? Jewel City JWV is an all-volunteer organization and the success of our program depends on the efforts of involved parents and other adults. We have positions for league officials, managers, coaches, team coordinators, scorekeepers, field maintenance coordinators, and web and social media techs.




By E-mail:  [email protected] 

By Mail: Jewel City Little League, P.O. Box 3582, Glendale, CA 91221

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